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March 8, 2019 article

Yet another blog sees the light of day! But why?

In today's overly saturated online world, full of electronic gimmicks and gadgets, is it really necessary to have yet another blog? I think yes!

I feel that it becomes harder and harder to understand the pieces of electronics that surround us, and this is only partly due to the increasing level of technological achievement. Mostly, it seems by design: it is a lot easier if you cannot fix your own radio when it breaks. Then you have to buy a new one when it breaks, don't you?

I like to fix things. I like to understand things. And I feel that people living in this world deserve to make a choice whether they want to understand or not. Not everybody has the time or the energy or the interest. But if you do, you have come to the right place!

The world of electronics is fascinating! But the first steps can be difficult. I have more than a decade of experience in designing and building circuits. I will provide you with necessary resources to get started on this fascinating journey!

I decided to call this blog Friendly Wire because one of my fondest childhood memories is playing with an old radio and fiddling with the wires. Later, during high school, I built my first circuits and handwired everything. Perhaps I just have a close relationship to wires! But on a more serious note, you can also think about it in a metaphorical way: wires guide electrons to do our bidding, to help us in our everyday life. Wires friendly. Wires are not mysterious or dangerous, they need to be respected and understood. Who understands where to connect the wires can build astonishing things!

See you around!

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